The Statement Sleeve Lives On

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I love the fact that the ‘statement sleeve’ is a trend which is not disappearing any time soon.

It was still a major trend on the Summer 17 catwalks. This in turn prompted me to take a look back in fashion history for my own inspiration, which brought me to Lanvin’s collaboration with the designer Antonio Castillo.

How wonderful it must have been to design without restriction and create an elegant blouse for everyday life – because of course, life was a catwalk darling!

Fashion Designer Antonio Castillo

Firstly, I love the slight sheerness of the chosen fabric for this blouse. It subtly reveals the curved form of the female shoulders whilst still being totally modest.

Lanvin and Castillo, 1951 

I do wish there were more over-the-top glamorous women (myself included) just walking along doing the grocery shopping. Or just sitting at the office desk in fabulous outfits planning the working day. Have I been watching too many black and white movie or what?

But yet I do believe more and more of us ladies are choosing to glam up more often in the day time. But we are all individuals and I do embarrass the fact that we, especially in the creative sectors, can dress less formally and still look uniquely amazing. This is where we come into our own in the combining of looks to create our own version of daytime glamour.

And now we are now managing to blend the formal with the casual for this current look.

Roksanda SS16

image source

This Roksanda top from this summer has bold sleeves and yet looks casual. Then the styling with the skirt with lurex stripes takes it up another notch.

Genny SS17

This stunning top with the curved shoulder and similar sleeve as above would quite easily go with work pants. A nice tweed pair for the perfect contrast.

Here are a couple more of my favourite sleeves from the designer shows.

Rosetta Getty SS17

image source

Kenzo SS17

image source


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