Fancy Pants: Highlights from the High Street

I love my pants! I’m always in some sort of trouser. Wide leg, cropped leg, slim leg, practically anything goes for me. I thought I’d share with you my favs from the high street right now – Those pants that are on trend and have those cleverly subtle design details.


First up is Massimo Dutti. That perfect leg shape is irresistible in itself, but just check out the deep vent at the sides. I do enjoy the current trend for trousers with the open and obvious splits in them, but this is so clean, so wearable, sexy and smart all at the same time.

I love how it’s styled with the jumper and I can imagine a gorgeous big double-breasted camel colour coat thrown over to complete the look. It would obviously be perfectly paired with a blazer. Any blazer – it’s that perfect.



Cos may as well be my second home. I’m alway in Cos.

I just love these slightly cropped pants, in the maroon colour of the season and the comfortable roomy of the cut creating by the pleats.

Style it also with a crisp white slim shirt, tucked in, top buttons undone and it’s great for work.


Another from COS which caught my eye online. This looks like the perfect shape for any size or shaped woman. The flat front keeps it from being bulky when worn, and the large patch pockets add detail. I’m a touchy feely person when it comes to my fabrics so I intend to take a trip to the nearest store where these are in stock. And so I will get to do my touchy feely thing to those pants. 🙂

They just look too luxurious not to savour. That moment  you hold onto them for dear life whilst meandering through the rails of gorgeousness until you hit that till point. Oh, what pleasure one can get from buying that perfect item.


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