Celine Resort 2017

If you know me (very well) you know I love my Vintage 1940s and 1950s tailoring. And this collection for me is reminiscent of those great images from that era.

But this is also giving me a touch of 80’s power-suit. Powerful, yet feminine. Classic, but contemporary. Just look at the cut of the sleeves! The pulled in waist! The ‘strong’ shoulder-line.

Well, design house Celine I give you my heart. That’s right I have fallen hook line and sinker for this collection. I didn’t think it was possible for creative director Phoebe Philo to exceed expectation and surpass – to me anyway and my personal bias – her SS’17 or even the AW’16 collection, but by gosh I am awe-struck.

I’m not professing to know Phoebe’s inspiration in her creativeness but I know how this collection makes me feel. And that is…amazing.  Need I say more. So just enjoy the images for now my friends as I steady myself after I swoon yet again. Ahhh!!………


Phoebe Philo, Creative Director

All original images are from CELINE.com


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